Constant Therapy in the News

"Even individuals who are chronically brain-injured, where most patients are told that their brain is not going to recover, they've hit a plateau, and we have been telling them, 'No, that's not true, your brain can improve,'" explained Kiran.
NECN 11/10/2014

Constant Therapy today officially launched its innovative iPad brain rehabilitation solution with special pricing and trial offers. Clinicians and patients already using Constant Therapy have described the life changing effects it has had on patients’ lives.

BusinessWire 06/02/2014

In this article Darlene Williamson, MA, CCC-SLP, executive director of the Stroke Comeback Center and president of the National Aphasia Association mentions Constant Therapy stating, "it is the best tool out there."

The Washington Post 03/12/2014

According to Gabrieli, “I am excited to be a part of Constant Therapy as it is transforming the delivery of brain rehabilitation and will help brain injury survivors to recover in ways never before possible. This is important work; the analytics provided by Constant Therapy is a key enabler in understanding how the brain responds to different courses of therapy and will be invaluable in allowing us to optimize therapies unique to individual patients.”

BusinessWire 02/13/2014

"Zigler has made remarkable progress, thanks in part to Constant Therapy, an interactive therapy app that allows patients to continue treatment at home on an iPad. Many patients require more treatment than is covered by their insurance, so Constant Therapy, which is available for download through iTunes, is reshaping the therapy field."

Boston University Inside Sargent Publication 02/01/2014