Incorporates science-based exercises, and groundbreaking research on brain plasticity and rehabilitation from Boston University and other leading institutions

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How Constant Therapy Works

Constant Therapy recognizes that no two individuals are alike and, as such, delivers highly personalized, science-based exercises tailored to each user’s strengths and weaknesses.

How Do We Create Optimized, Individualized Activity Plans for Each Patient?

Constant Therapy has processed millions of science-based patient exercises and, as a result, has one of the most comprehensive brain performance database for speech, language and cognitive rehabilitation. Our database contains extensive and detailed task performance data, enabling us to deliver uniquely optimized and individualized therapies to each patient.

Constant Therapy is designed to be used independently at home, or in conjunction with a clinician as an integral part of therapy.

Our self-learning and revolutionary NeuroPerformance EngineTM's advanced analytics mine this data every day to assign optimized and individualized tasks automatically. These tasks are based on global user performance data, current scientific research, and each patient’s performance history and unique brain profile map.

As you use Constant Therapy, our NeuroPerformance EngineTM continuously measures your performance, while developing a highly detailed and unique brain profile map. It uses this information to deliver optimized, personalized activity plans to you automatically. Drawing on a growing library of thousands of science-based exercises, Constant Therapy encourages constant user progress with fresh and engaging content.

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