Introducing Constant Therapy for Institutions

Do you want to offer your clients a more comprehensive solution leading to better outcomes?

Are your clients provided services by multiple clinicians? Is there a need for a quick and easy way to share therapy programs, tools, and performance history?

Can your organization benefit from aggregated performance and activity reports?

If you answered “yes” to any of these questions, you should learn about Constant Therapy Total Care.

Constant Therapy Total Care is designed to meet the needs of dynamic institutions that focus on providing comprehensive solutions for their clients.

With Constant Therapy Total Care you can:

  • Deliver much more therapy to your clients with systematic homework plans
  • Improve continuity of care by enabling clinicians to easily share client caseloads
  • Centrally manage clinician and client accounts with administrator privileges
  • Measure outcomes across your institution with customized reports

Studies show that more therapy results in better outcomes. Constant Therapy Total Care provides your clients with tools for improvement in the clinic setting, group therapy settings, and at home. It means accessing activities for rehabilitation any time and anywhere the client desires, enabling you and your institution to achieve customer satisfaction and recovery goals.

With Constant Therapy Total Care, a designated administrator can centrally manage clinician and client accounts for your institution. All of your clinicians can be setup to access activity plans, trending data, and performance reports for all patients. This allows clinicians to share client caseloads and achieve continuity of care goals for your institution.

Constant Therapy Total Care also provides comprehensive reports for your institution to help you measure institution-wide rehabilitation goals. Metrics include performance change reports by client and clinician, comparative scoring with Constant Therapy users, most commonly used tasks, and usage by clinician.

Constant Therapy Total Care is a monthly subscription program that is offered in increments of 5 users. On the last day of your monthly cycle your client count will be determined for the upcoming month. During a given month, your pricing program will be locked. Pricing for Constant Therapy Total Care is:

# of users                                                 Package price

Up to 5 users                                          $ 99 per month

6-10 users                                               $180 per month

11-15 users                                              $265 per month

16-20 users                                            $330 per month

21+                                                          Contact us for volume discounts


To Learn More about Constant Therapy Total Care, please contact David Poskanzer.


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