Constant Therapy Direct Helps Stroke and Brain Injury Survivors When Clinician Services are Not Available

Constant Therapy firmly believes that there is no replacement for a clinician when it comes to providing speech therapy. However, there are situations when, unfortunately, people in need of speech therapy do not have access to a clinician. Perhaps insurance money has run out, or wasn’t an option to begin with. Perhaps transportation is an issue or there just isn’t a clinician nearby. Constant Therapy provides research-based tools for therapy when services are not being provided.

For individuals recently under the care of a clinician, it is an opportunity to continue using tools of therapy that were originally designated by the clinician. As the user’s performance changes, so too will the difficulty levels, and new tasks will be introduced.

Constant Therapy is also available for those not recently under the care of a clinician. In this situation Constant Therapy starts with establishing an initial baseline in the desired areas of cognition, language or both. For language, activity areas include auditory comprehension, naming, writing, reading, and sentence planning. Within cognition, activity areas include attention, visual processing, mental flexibility, memory, problem solving, and executive skills.

Constant Therapy will create an activity program based on each individual’s needs. Constant Therapy will change the level of difficulty and add or subtract tasks based on the individual’s performance results.   With this approach, the user’s activity program won’t become stale.  Additionally, Constant Therapy provides motivation emails to keep high levels of enthusiasm, engagement, and commitment.



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