Account Manager

Role: Account Manager
Reporting to: Vice President of Sales and Customer Service

Location: Newton, MA

About Constant Therapy:

Constant Therapy is a fast growing startup that is revolutionizing the treatment of neurological disorders with precision therapy delivered on mobile devices and optimized with advanced data analytics. We have recently won several industry awards including the AARP Consumer choice award, and American Heart Association’s Peoples Choice award for best healthcare technology. We are looking for outstanding Account Managers to join our growing team – especially people who are very passionate about making a big impact in other peoples’ lives with their work.

In the important position of Account Manager you will exceed your monthly, quarterly and annual subscription targets by introducing, engaging, advancing the usage patterns of newly identified and existing therapy clinicians and associated institutions.

Key Responsibilities

• Exponentially grow sales through existing healthcare partners with effective needs identification and consultative/solution selling
• Develop new rewarding partnerships with institutions, clinical and business decision makers and clinicians
• Keep current customers satisfied by providing exceptional sales and service support
• Monitor and analyze customer usage patterns for continuous funnel advancement
• Deliver training programs for rapid onboarding
• Identify and participate in trade shows and conferences that aggressively grow the user base of clinicians and institutions
• Develop clinical competency in cognitive and language improvment
• Act as the voice of the customer to all internal departments

Daily Activities
• Identify selling opportunities with new and existing clinicians and institutions
• Utilize SFDC and other available data and reports to prioritize sales opportunities
• Explore new and different sources of revenue and subscriptions
• Contact new clinicians to welcome and provide onboarding and engagement support
• Educate all clinicians on clinical benefits
• Engage department directors for institutional selling
• Quickly provide solutions to overcome customer barriers
• Detail promotions
• Provide feedback to the company for program improvement

Necessary Skills

• Create institutional selling opportunities from casual referring relationships
• Quickly move customer opportunities through the sales funnel
• Effectively communicate at the clinician and director level
• Identify new selling opportunities with all existing clinicians and institutions
• Make meaning of available data
• A passion for working with clinicians who improve the lives stroke and traumatic brain injury survivors
• Knowledge of Google Office products and
• A minimum of 20% travel is required.

Education and Professional Experience Qualifications

A bachelor’s degree and/or at least 3 years of healthcare sales are preferred but not mandatory.

Resume Submissions

David Poskanzer
Vice President of Sales and Marketing