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Speech therapy apps for people with brain injury, stroke, aphasia, and learning disabilities

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Patient Testimonials

"The Constant Therapy app provides my daughter with tools we can use for additional rehab at home every day. I like that the app is easy enough for a non-specialist like me to use."

[Steve ]
Brain injury (TBI) patient's father

I felt incredibly fortunate to find the Constant Therapy app. Mom and I are both amazed at the ease of use as well as the benefits she received from this program. Her speech therapist was wonderful, but the ability to rehab at home with the app improved her outcomes in so many other ways. The immediate feedback provided by the app was helpful, and it allowed her to work independently, at a time that worked best for her, which is not always during a therapist's work day. I am proud to endorse this app; its impact has been miraculous, and I love the product because it makes a difference on so many levels.

[Tina ]
Stroke patient's daughter

"I love this! I know that using the Constant Therapy app helps me so much! In around a month, I have gotten sooooooooo much better because of the app. I work and work, and it pays off. Thank you so much for helping me."

[Jeff ]
Brain injury (TBI) patient

"My 75 year old husband had a stroke last year. He had never used a computer before the stroke but finds it easy to use the Constant Therapy app on the iPad. He was an avid crossword puzzle fan so this is a nice challenge for him. He is eager to use the app daily because he's rewarded with new material as he masters what he's working on. The tasks in the app are very applicable and practical in everyday life, and the immediate feedback is excellent. I have witnessed my husband getting so much better from using this app. I have spent hours looking for other brain and speech therapy apps, and nothing compares to Constant Therapy. This is a must-have app for people with aphasia"

[Terri ]
Stroke patient's wife

"One of the greatest challenges over the last 5 years was how to provide speech therapy for my mom at home. My mom is a stroke survivor who acquired aphasia. Insurance coverage was limited for her rehabilitation, and our family tried to supplement her speech therapy the best we could at home. We worked on flash cards, worksheets, games, etc. We would try anything we thought would help facilitate an improvement in her speech while trying to keep her upbeat and positive about the potential to improve her communication abilities.

This is no small challenge for caregivers who are not trained in speech therapy and are still trying to adapt to life with a loved one who has lost their ability to communicate their daily needs.

We finally discovered the Constant Therapy app, which provides speech therapy that can be done at home. The app has given my mom countless hours of speech therapy and a renewed feeling that she still has the potential to make improvements in her rehab even 5 years post stroke.

Thank you Constant Therapy for an app that truly does support my mother's individual rehabilitation efforts."

[Karen ]
Stroke patient's daughter

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