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Speech therapy apps for people with brain injury, stroke, aphasia, and learning disabilities

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Patient Testimonials

The Constant Therapy app has helped me gather my confidence by building on and reinforcing old forgotten skills. It helps to see my percentages increase, and work harder when they decrease. It's very self-motivating.

[Kathryn ]
A more confident Constant Therapy User

This is the most complete brain therapy app I have found. It automatically checks what has been done and loads more tasks to be completed. The app is easy to learn and use. It is my husband's favorite app.

[Jakdar ]
Patient's wife

I am a gastroenterologist recovering from a serious occipital lobe stroke that resulted in a dense hemianopsia and a great deal of loss of visual memory. I have been using the Constant Therapy app daily for over 3 months and found it extremely helpful to my recovery. I have only praise and gratitude to those involved in the development of the Constant Therapy app.

[Geo ]
Stroke patient

“I had a stroke which left me with Aphasia. Constant Therapy is an excellent app! My clinician was able to tailor it for my needs. I use it every day along with therapy. With Aphasia, reading is hard and it is difficult to read numbers. The app has helped me enormously. As I go along, the tasks get harder, and I can see the progress I have made. I like that the tasks have a scale 1-5. And I see that they are going up! I can't say enough about the Constant Therapy app!”

[Wendy D. ]
Stroke & aphasia patient

I set the Constant Therapy app up for my daughter. Her long-term memory is very impaired, and she struggles academically. I love how I can adjust the skills she is working on based on difficulty, amount of work, time, etc. She uses the app each day; the repetitive practice is so important and helpful for her to retain the skills. She does not mind doing the skills and is able to complete it independently. At any time, I can use the app to see how she did.

Constant Therapy also provides GREAT personal support. They even email to check in and see how things are going and how they can help. I highly recommend it!”

[Michelle ]
Mother of child with learning disorder

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