Constant Therapy in the News

Constant Therapy, which was an audience favorite alongside Audicus, developed a digital rehab service for people recovering from a stroke or traumatic brain injury that uses digitized cognitive-communication therapy.

Medcity News 05/15/2015

Constant Therapy helps people improve their brain function after a stroke or brain injury, by providing personalized exercises...

Miami Herald 05/14/2015

The app, Constant Therapy, is aimed toward anyone dealing with neurological issues as a result of a stroke, aphasia or a traumatic brain injury. Kiran and her colleague created a set of tasks that caters to this demographic.

Sunrise Senior Living 05/05/2015

The app featured in the study (Constant Therapy) allows SLPs to assign a variety of language or cognitive homework tasks for clients to do throughout the week on their iPads, Androids or Kindles.

The ASHA Leader 04/23/2015

Constant Therapy, co-founded by Kiran and CEO Veera Anantha, provides personalized iPad-based therapy for people with traumatic brain injuries, stroke, aphasia, and learning disabilities.

Futurity 03/25/2015