Constant Therapy in the News

The app featured in the study (Constant Therapy) allows SLPs to assign a variety of language or cognitive homework tasks for clients to do throughout the week on their iPads, Androids or Kindles.

The ASHA Leader 04/23/2015

Constant Therapy, co-founded by Kiran and CEO Veera Anantha, provides personalized iPad-based therapy for people with traumatic brain injuries, stroke, aphasia, and learning disabilities.

Futurity 03/25/2015

The Constant Therapy system is flexible. Users can pick and choose the tasks they want to work on, they can rely on the app to provide tasks for them based on their scores, or a clinician can select tasks personalized to an individual’s needs.

BU Today 03/24/2015

"Even individuals who are chronically brain-injured, where most patients are told that their brain is not going to recover, they've hit a plateau, and we have been telling them, 'No, that's not true, your brain can improve,'" explained Kiran.
NECN 11/10/2014

Constant Therapy today officially launched its innovative iPad brain rehabilitation solution with special pricing and trial offers. Clinicians and patients already using Constant Therapy have described the life changing effects it has had on patients’ lives.

BusinessWire 06/02/2014