Constant Therapy in the News

Constant Therapy was announced as a nominee for Hottest Early Stage Start-Up at the 2017 NEVY Awards, hosted by the New England Venture Capital Association and Presented by General Electric (GE). The NEVYs celebrate New England’s biggest winners across the Life Science and Tech communities.

New England Venture Capital Association 04/04/2017

After years of researching different types of therapy for clients with aphasia after a stroke, Swathi Kiran, PhD, CCC-SLP, organized a group of technologists to "digitize the therapy" and take all of the clinically proven therapy content on flash cards, workbooks and papers and program it to be delivered on mobile devices. Thus Constant Therapy, a program that delivers over 64 different types of cognitive and speech therapy exercises in 60,000 variations, was born.

Advanced Healthcare Network 11/25/2016

Brain plasticity is the phenomenon by which the brain can rewire and reorganize itself in response to changing stimulus input.

News Medical 11/03/2016

Constant Therapy, an app created by Boston University researchers, is an example of startup app success. It offers device-based personalized neurological therapy for the treatment of neurological disorders such as strokes and dementia, and has delivered more than 27 million exercises to patients.

TechRepublic 10/12/2016